Signs of Time – Cross the earth, her head is in the balcony
January '15

Signs of Time artist collective are proud to announce their third exhibition, Cross The Earth, Her Head Is On The Balcony, at Pi Artworks Istanbul. The collective, which included Huo Rf, Sena, Sabo, Burak Ata, Burak Dak was founded inorder to bring together young artists who share an admiration toward each other’s work.

The exhibition’s title comes from a verse in French artist, poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau’s poem Discourse For the Big Sleep. The show focuses on the recent works of five artists from the group. Their different subjects and stylistic approaches are brought together under the curatorial concepts of reality, the actual and self-reckoning.

Cross The Earth, Her Head Is On The Balcony also includes a project partnership with new media artist Nihat Karataşlı. Karataşlı will analyze data he will collect during the exhibition on the relationship between the audience and the exhibited work, from which he will create a visual installation.

Signs Of Time: Cross The Earth, Her Head Is On The Balcony
10 – 31 January 2015

Pi Artworks Istanbul, İstiklal Cad. Mısır Apt. 163/4 ✪




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