Unity approved again: At least twelve reported dead in Kobane protests in Turkey

According to various news source, eight were reported dead in Diyarbakır, two in Mardin, two in Siirt, one in Batman and one in Muş. Diyarbakır Province Police Commissioner Halis Böğürcü said five out of those who died in Diyarbakır were affiliated with Hüda-Par (Free Cause) – a Kurdish-based Sunni Islamist political party. While Turkish government’s semi-official Anatolia Agency declared the death toll as twelve, Fırat News Agency (ANF) claimed that it was ten.

According to ANF, the list of dead protestors are as follows: Clashes between those who demonstrated for Kobane and those affiliated with Hüda Par in Diyarbakır province left Mahmut Enez (55), and Süleyman Kale (19) dead. In Kurtalan, Siirt province, demonstrators marched towards Justice and Development Party (AKP) headquarters. It was claimed that AKP-affiliated mayor Nevzat Karatay’s relatives held an open fire in the air to scare off protestors. Hospitalized, protestors Y.Ç. (17) and Mehdi Erdoğan (35) died in Siirt Public Hospital. In Varto, Muş province, Hakan Buksur (25) died after being hit by a gas bomb canister in the head. In Kızıltepe, Mardin province, ANF claimed that an identified car opened fire on protestors, leaving Kerem Karaaslan (22) dead. It was also claimed that Hüda-Par members opened fire in Mardin’s Dargeçit district, leaving Sinan Toprak (16) and Bilal Gezer dead. Protests in Van province left Hamdi Caner (55) after being shot in the chest. In Batman province, Emrah Demir (23) died of gun wounds after being hospitalized.

The governor’s office of Mardin issued a curfew in the districts of Dargeçit, Derik, Kızıltepe, Nusaybin, Mazıdağı and Savur as of 17:00 local time. The curfew was issued due to clashes between police and demonstrators over the Kobane protests. The order was effectuated “until a second notice”. Later on, Van Governor’s Office also issued a similar curfew in the district of Erciş at 18:00 local time. Despite the intervention, the clashes failed to come to an end. On the other hand, curfew order remain in Diyarbakır province for today. (BM)

On solidarity with Kobane resistence against IS, people in several cities organized protests overall Turkey and no surprise, Turkish police attacked to protesters with militias in some cities. Thanks to the great silence of mainstream media and counter-propaganda attacks of wide social media militia and trolls of the government, majority of people in Western regions of Turkey seems so frustrated about “damaged bus stops, one Ataturk statue and several car tires” and Turkish people found a chance to criticize heavily to Kurdish resistance for creating such noise(!).

It may be announced with great happiness that Turkish Kemalists, Nationalists, Government-Supporters, Fundamentalists, Liberals and other middle-class masses agreed on common verdict (cough- “Kurds deserve to die” – cough) and holy unity in Turkey has been established again just like 1990s.

Well, here we go again. ✪

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